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FIBC Bags for the Chemical Industry

Bulk Bags Safe for Chemicals

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Chemical-Grade Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

When shipping specialty chemicals in bulk, it is critical to use certified containers that have been rigorously tested. Chemical manufacturers require flexible intermediate bulk containers, or FIBCs, to be safe and constructed with the highest quality materials.

At Bulk Matrix, our FIBCs adhere to strict testing requirements and are proven to be safe for shipping chemicals. All of our bulk bags are produced with 100% virgin-grade resins and are manufactured in world class facilities. Our plants utilize in-house laboratories, regular employee training classes, detailed traceability programs, pest control plans, and environmental protocols. After manufacturing is complete, all finished goods are then securely packaged and readied for ocean transport.

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We Test Our Chemical-Grade FIBC Bags Thoroughly

We perform rigorous testing on all of our FIBCs, which is done in-house at our laboratory. Throughout our testing process, we utilize ultrasonic cutting methods, state-of-the-art sewing machines, metal detectors, vacuum suction, and light table inspection stations. Bulk Matrix follows all pest control, mock recall, and traceability procedures to ensure that our FIBC bags are produced at the highest quality. Additionally, we make sure that our employees are always kept up-to-date regarding training, handling of our chemical-grade bags, and also follow strict hygiene guidelines. At Bulk Matrix, our world-class manufacturing facilities also offer environmental programs that protect the environment, promote sustainability, and support green initiatives.


UN Certifications

Depending on the specific application, UN certifications may be required for FIBCs that are utilized for specific chemicals. Several protective fabrics and UN certifications are available in order to provide safe filling and discharge environments when packaging various chemical products. Following UN guidelines, we label our FIBCs with the hazardous materials that they contain, which can be classified into eight categories. Additionally, we follow UN guidelines for additional labeling on our FIBCs as well as their rigorous testing procedures. If you need FIBCs that are UN certified, trust Bulk Matrix.

Electrostatic Discharge Compliance

The International Electrotechnical Commission, or IEC, creates and ensures that companies follow certain standards regarding the risk of electrostatic charges. Specifically, IEC standard 61340-4-4 specifies the regulations and requirements for filling FIBCs that are intended for housing hazardous chemicals that can create an explosive atmosphere. At Bulk Matrix, we strictly adhere to this IEC standard, which includes properly labeling and classifying our FIBCs and rigorously testing every part of our products, making sure they are safe and clean to hold static-dissipative materials in a variety of environments. For FIBCs that are compliant with all relevant regulations including from the IEC, turn to Bulk Matrix.

FIBC Bags for Every Industry

At Bulk Matrix, we don’t just produce high-quality chemical-grade flexible intermediate bulk containers, we also make FIBCs that are safe to use for a variety of industries. We offer bulk sacks that are tested to be safe when used for shipping food, pharmaceuticals, industrial minerals, and building materials in bulk. Contact Bulk Matrix to order your certified, tested, chemical-grade FIBCs today.