You’d be hard-pressed to find any materials that are heavier than metals, ores, and rocks, and that’s why it’s hard to find suitable storage and shipping bags for them. Not only is the weight overwhelmingly crushing, but the abrasive nature of metals and rocks easily wears down and rips weaker materials. If you want effective storage and transport bags on a mining site, they have to be able to endure astronomical amounts of weight, while also being enough to resist tears and punctures. The good news is that our bulk bags do all of those things.

Fragile bags are not only a nuisance at a mining site, but they can also be a safety hazard. Should a bag rip open and spill its contents, it could potentially be life-threatening to someone in the immediate vicinity. It is foolhardy to invest in bags that have not gone through comprehensive testing. At Bulk Matrix, each and every one of our products goes through a hefty checklist of safety tests, and we have six international quality certifications to prove it.

When they’re made with the right materials and built to last, there’s no better option than FIBCs for storing metals and mining materials. Our polypropylene bags do not disappoint, and they come in a wide variety of different types and styles. Do you need help determining which FIBC bulk sack is best for your mining needs? We’re happy to help. For our expert guidance, as well as a free quote, be sure to contact us today.