There are countless foods that need to be shipped in bulk quantities, and it’s important to find the right containers. Bulk foods such as rice and grains are extremely heavy in large quantities, and they need to be packed in bags that won’t break under the stress. Additionally, the materials need to be safe for food, and built to prevent certain disasters such as static electricity buildup, which can ignite the cargo on fire.

At Bulk Matrix, we’re happy to provide food-grade FIBC bags that meet all of these qualifications. Our products meet six quality certifications, and they undergo extensive testing to ensure that they’re fit for the job. Ultrasonic cutting, state-of-the-art sewing machines, metal detection, vacuum cleaning, and light table inspection stations are all involved in the process, guaranteeing that our bags meet the hygienic and durability requirements for long-distance bulk shipping.

Our FIBC bags come in a variety of styles, all meant for different purposes. There are multiple options for the bag’s body, such as Tubular and U-Panel bulk bags. The inlet/outlet style also determines how product is loaded and dispersed, so it’s important to know whether you want a full open top, fill spout, or any other style. Bags are also divided into Type A, B, C, and D, which determine their static electricity resistance.

Clearly, there are a lot of options. Need help determining which type of FIBC would be best for your purposes? We’d be happy to help. For questions about our food grade bulk bags, and for order inquiries, please contact us today.

Global Food Safety Initiative

Bulk Matrix follows the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This initiative is required by many of the world’s largest food retailers and its purpose is to help combat the common challenges that many people face in today’s food supply chain. Retailers must meet high standard requirements in order to be recognized under the GFSI, which is why we at Bulk Matrix are very proud to be certified under this program.

British Retail Consortium

Bulk Matrix holds a certification from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) as having the first packaging standard to be recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. The BRC is a trade association meant for all retailers in the UK, which is why it was such an honor for Bulk Matrix to receive such recognition.

FIBC Bags For Every Industry

At Bulk Matrix, we didn’t just stop at making food-safe flexible intermediate bulk containers, we made sure that our FIBC bags were safe for a variety of industries. We have containers that can be used to ship pharmaceuticals, metals and mining resources, building materials, and even chemicals. Our FIBC bags come in four types — A, B, C, and D — all different to serve specific industries.