FIBC Bulk Bags are an economical, smart choice for storing and shipping various materials in bulk quantities. At Bulk Matrix, we pride ourselves on offering the best flexible intermediate bulk containers you can find, but it’s important to know which bag is best for you. There are four different types of FIBC bags, categorized into Type A, B, C, and D.

The biggest differentiator between each bag is their resistance to electricity and flammability. Type B bags are a step up from Type A bags, which offer little to no static electricity resistance. Type B bags are still susceptible to flammable environments, but they have surface breakdown voltage up to 4kV, making them a slightly safer option.

Are you looking for quality Type B FIBC bulk bags? Are you positive you need FIBCs but you don’t know which one is ideal for your product? Whatever you need, we can help. Contact Bulk Matrix today.