Type C FIBC bulk bags have been the longest-standing solution for companies that put their materials through sensitive processes. When grounded, these bulk sacks are very safe in combustible and flammable environments. But take great care — when handled incorrectly or ungrounded, Type C FIBCs can be a much greater explosion hazard than Type A and Type B bags.

This is because Type C bulk sacks are created with conductive fibers that are woven into the bag’s fabric. If any electrostatic charges build up in filling or discharging, they course through the bag and exit into the ground. This is why it’s so important for operators to ensure that the bags are grounded — without a means to escape into the ground, the static charge can build up in the bag itself and ignite into flame.

If you’re experienced in ordering FIBC bulk bags for your business, you may already know which type is best for you. But if not, it’s a good idea to talk to an expert who can help you identify which bags are best for you. FIBC bags can hold countless different materials, such as concrete, sand, food, grain, and so on — and each one has its own needs. If you have questions about our FIBC bags, please contact us today.