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4 Reasons to Use FIBC Bulk Bags

A flexible intermediate bulk container, commonly referred to as an FIBC, is an extensible fabric industrial container intended for handling and transporting dried and flowable materials.

FIBCs are typically built of thick polyethylene and range in size from 45 to 48 inches in diameter and 39 to 79 inches in height, depending on the design. Depending on the contents, they can hold up to 4,000 pounds of material. Because the walls are flexible, they’re ideal for storing and transporting dry bulk substances. Here are four reasons why you should use the bulk bags from Bulk Matrix LLC.




Flexible intermediate bulk containers are a highly adaptable bulk packaging alternative that can adapt to your given products, materials, and operations. Bulk bags are a fantastic fit for any business that keeps and/or moves dry inflow-suitable product(s), with safe working loads (SWL) ranging up to 4,000 pounds, a range of filling and unloading choices, and the capacity to carry and store food-grade material(s).

Because of their versatility, larger bags are also available. It is also feasible to create a custom FIBC bulk bag for a specific product or client to meet any unique packaging requirements. Get started now with a free quote!


Easily Transportable

Lifting choices for FIBC bulk bags are numerous. This makes it far easier to tailor the bags to the lifting and transporting equipment you use at your location. It's simple to pick a lifting approach that suits the machinery at your site with hoisting alternatives like cross-corner circles and edge corner circles.

The FIBC bulk bags from Bulk Matrix LLC can also store and carry a variety of products including combustible and ignitable items, making them ideal for enterprises that need to transport, handle, and store vast numbers of dry inflow-suitable items.


Easily Filled and Dischargeable

With different stuffing and discharging choices as well as specialized outfits available to assist in the stuffing and discharging process, FIBC bulk bags are simple to integrate into your business. The top side of the FIBC bags can be modeled into a delirium, open, or skirt top while the discharging or bottom side includes discharge spouts with or without covers.


Environmental Friendliness

Our FIBC bags are manufactured from virgin polypropylene, a commonplace material that can be upcycled into a variety of various items. Due to the recyclability of the material, the FIBC bags can be used to hold building supplies, chemicals, grains, colors, and plastics over and over. Note the majority of recycling happens by truckload. Some FIBC bags are environmentally relevant due to their potential to be returned. Bags that have a safety factor of 6:1 can be used several times. Visit our Sustainability page for additional information.

Give us a call if you're looking for some bulk bags. Bulk Matrix LLC's staff understands the problems that our clients face on a daily basis, and we are dedicated to providing the best solutions for you. Contact us today if you need help preparing your order.



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