Four Goods That Should Be Shipped In FIBC Bulk Bags

As consumers, most people do not put a lot of thought into the complicated supply chain necessary for how products end up on store shelves. We go shopping, we pick up what we need, and we head home. We take for granted the complex logistical system in place for packaging, shipping, and stocking utilized to ensure that valuable products are moved into stores throughout the country — and the world.

Bulk shipping containers, i.e. flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) play a large role in the movement of the raw materials critical for the products that we consume. Bulk Matrix supplies bulk bags that can safely transport large quantities of a variety of different products and they are specifically designed to keep sensitive materials safe and sound. Examples of the various goods that benefit the most from high-quality FIBC bulk bags are as follows:


It is absolutely crucial that food products and ingredients are transported in food grade certified packaging materials. All Bulk Matrix FIBC materials are tested in an in-house laboratory and are produced in a clean room environment with 100% virgin grade resins. Our facility utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing practices including ultrasonic cutting, vacuum cleaning, light table inspection and metal detection.

In other words, our sacks can protect food products without the risk of leaking, breaking, or contamination. If you are looking for peace of mind, Bulk Matrix FIBC bags are the best in the industry.


Much like food, pharmaceuticals often come in the form of fine powders, which are exceedingly difficult to ship if you are not using the right containers. Pharmaceuticals are highly valuable, and the protection required by the packaging is critical. Bulk Matrix is the partner you can trust to meet the stringent requirements to keep these materials and the people that handle them, safe.


Bulk bags utilized in the mining and building industries need to be durable. The containers often require five-to-one safety ratios on filling weights of up to four thousand pounds! Guaranteeing that the container will not rupture or burst is an absolute priority. Our designs have been approved by third-party testing labs and Bulk Matrix has an established history of successfully offering products that consistently meet all the necessary requirements for strength and safety. Why take chances?


Safe filling and discharge environments must be maintained when handling high-end specialty chemicals. From UN certifications to static dissipative fabrics, if the materials utilized to construct the FIBC are not in compliance, the risk for an accident is considerable. Bulk Matrix specialists will walk you through the necessary design features required to maintain safety and functionality.


Are you in need of high-quality, affordable, and dependable FIBC bulk sacks? Bulk Matrix has been an industry leading provider of FIBCs and continues to grow at a rapid rate. With the most advanced certifications in the industry, we have created a solid reputation by providing our clients with bulk bags of the highest quality and at the best prices. We can offer inventory programs or just-in-time delivery options. Contact us today!