Three Of The Best Containers For Long Distance Shipping

Does your company ship in bulk for items such as food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, mining, or building materials? These raw materials are utilized by a variety of different industries to create consumer foods products or advanced finished goods. The materials are often required to be shipped over long distances across the country — or even internationally.

In order to maximize efficiency and to reduce transit costs, choosing the right shipping container is critical. Every type of good has its own packaging requirements for product protection, durability, and functionality. At Bulk Matrix, we specialize in providing the best bulk shipping containers on the market. Three of the most popular items used for bulk shipping are listed here in order:


Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) are by far the most widely-used of the products we offer, and it’s easy to see why. FIBCs require minimal handling and are engineered specifically for the long distance shipment and safety of sensitive materials. At Bulk Matrix, we spare no expense in ensuring that we are providing the best bulk bags on the market.

In addition to their exceptional performance during filling and discharge, bulk bags are able to safely store products over prolonged periods of time. They are made with state-of-the-art materials, are highly durable, and they come in different varieties often designed for specific industries. Whether you are packing high end food ingredients such as flours or oats or specialty chemicals with high risk packing environments, Bulk Matrix FIBCs can be designed to meet all of their customers’ needs.


For some, one of the few disadvantages of FIBC bags can be their size. An FIBC container that’s fully filled is much too heavy for one person to handle, and it usually requires the use of a forklift to be moved around. This is great for shipping and storage purposes, as you want to make the best use out of limited space, but is not always ideal for working on a job site. Multi-wall shipping sacks can be beneficial when needing something a little more portable or maintaining smaller batch load requirements.

Multi-wall paper bags are consistently used by many companies to package materials such as sand, chemicals, cement, or other building materials. If you want to ship materials packaged from 40 to 100 pounds, paper bags are ideal and an affordable alternative to other types of industrial packaging.


Ocean container liners or sea-bulk liners are one of the most efficient and cost effective packaging solutions for shipping large amounts of free flowing commodities overseas. The liners completely enclose the inside of either a 20’ or 40’ shipping container and can be easily discharged with the use of a hydraulic truck. There are several design options based on the product to be transported, so ask a Bulk Matrix specialist for the design requirements necessary for your business.


If you’re in need of durable, industry leading quality, and safe bulk shipping containers, look no further than Bulk Matrix. Between our FIBC bags, multi-walled paper bags, and sea-bulk liners, we can offer the right solution for your company. Contact us today to get started!