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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers



Quality FIBC Bags

Looking for high-quality, certified FIBCs?

These woven polypropylene containers can be used for a wide variety of filling and storage applications.

Bulk Matrix is the market leader for all your bulk shipping requirements. 


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Bulk Matrix offers a variety of liners including food grade PE, sleeve or closed bottom, form-fit shaped, and foil or low MTVR options.  We also offer various anti-static options that can be combined with Type B, C, and D bags with required L1, L2, or L3 certified. 

 FIBC Category Types

  • Type A: No consideration to address electrostatic hazards.
  • Type B: Low breakdown voltage, generally less than 4KV. Can prevent the occurrence of propagating brush discharges but should not be utilized to address specific electrostatic concerns.
  • Type C: Utilized to address specific electrostatic risk environments manufactured with conductive yarns incorporate in the fabric and must be grounded.
  • Type D: Utilized to address specific electrostatic risk environments manufactured with static dissipative fabrics. No grounding is necessary.

A circular bag consists of a single cylindrical or sock-like body, then sealed on the top and bottom to exact dimensions. Popular for many food-grade products due to the seamless characteristic.

A U-Panel Bag derives its name from the construction of the bag body. U-Panel bulk bags (FIBC) have one (1) continuous piece of fabric spanning both sides, a bottom, then 2 opposing side panels creating a “U” shape.

A design that consists of 4 separate side panels, then a top and bottom are attached.

A baffle or Q bag is constructed by sewing polypropylene baffles across the four corners of the FIBC that allow the container to square out after loading.

Food Grade with NET baffles design

A thick wall design allows the customer to double-stack safely, improve storage, and transport.

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