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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers



Quality FIBC Bags

Looking for high-quality, certified FIBCs?

These woven polypropylene containers can be used for a wide variety of filling and storage applications.

Bulk Matrix is the market leader for all your bulk shipping requirements. 


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Bulk Matrix offers a variety of liners including food grade PE, sleeve or closed bottom, form-fit shaped, and foil or low MTVR options.  We also offer various anti-static options that can be combined with Type B, C, and D bags with required L1, L2, or L3 certified. 

 FIBC Category Types

  • Type A: No consideration to address electrostatic hazards.
  • Type B: Low breakdown voltage, generally less than 4KV. Can prevent the occurrence of propagating brush discharges but should not be utilized to address specific electrostatic concerns.
  • Type C: Utilized to address specific electrostatic risk environments manufactured with conductive yarns incorporate in the fabric and must be grounded.
  • Type D: Utilized to address specific electrostatic risk environments manufactured with static dissipative fabrics. No grounding is necessary.


A circular bag consists of a single cylindrical or sock-like body, then sealed on the top and bottom to exact dimensions. Popular for many food-grade products due to the seamless characteristic.

Standard U-Panel

A U-Panel Bag derives its name from the construction of the bag body. U-Panel bulk bags (FIBC) have one (1) continuous piece of fabric spanning both sides, a bottom, then 2 opposing side panels creating a “U” shape.

Standard 4-Panel

A design that consists of 4 separate side panels, then a top and bottom are attached.


A baffle or Q bag is constructed by sewing polypropylene baffles across the four corners of the FIBC that allow the container to square out after loading.

NET baffles Design

Food Grade with NET baffles design

Square Bag Design

A thick wall design allows the customer to double-stack safely, improve storage, and transport.

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